We are pleased to report the appointment of Mrs Kathryn Hodge to the office of Churchwarden at St Gluvias Church.  This is a double joy, as not only does she follow in the footsteps of her late husband, Mr William John Hodge but this is in fact the first time that a woman has been elected to the position in our 700 year history, since the church was founded in Penryn.  We offer our Congratulations and thank her for putting herself forward in this leadership role.

For those who were not aware, St Gluvias is exceptional in the fact that it is one of only a few churches in England that has three wardens, two who serve the parish church and one that acts as the Mayor’s warden, a position that dates back to 1318 and was then appointed by the Bishop of Exeter.  Mrs Annie Jones has kindly agreed to undertake this ceremonial role and to work closely with the Town Council.

On the occasion of the Archdeacon of Bodmin’s Visitation (Sunday 12 May 2019), all three wardens undertook their Commissioning in the presence of the current Mayor, Clr Mrs Shelley Peters.

Pictured: Mrs Kathryn Hodge, Mrs Shelley Peters (Mayor of Penryn 20017-2019), Mrs Annie Jones, The Venerable Audrey Elkington (Archdeacon of Bodmin) and Mr Jason Butland.